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Magnesia (Magnisia). The prefecture of Magnesia is a region with many riches: history, mythology, cultural traditions, a living artistic activity, a wonderful nature, hospitable people and a modern tourist infrastructure. Magnesia has a coast on the Pagasitic gulf and the Aegean Sea, and along with the islands of the Northern Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos) which also belong to the district of Magnesia, it offers a unique variety.

There are hotels, rooms to rent, traditional residential areas, campgrounds, recreation centres,  every visitor can find a place to stay and spend a wonderful vacation.

Capital of Magnesia is the city of Volos. One of the most famous regions of Magnesia is Pelion (Pilion). The airports of Skiathos and Volos (near Anchialos) connect Magnesia with the rest of Greece and Europe. There is a very good connection to other parts of Greece by road, rail and ferries. One can easily take public transport or international airports to travel to the this prefecture.

Magnesia is also a challenge for the knowledge of antiquity and contemporary culture. Achilles, Jason, the Argonauts and the Centaurs are some of the figures from the rich mythology and history of the region.

The Ancient Theatre of Demetrias, the museums, the Neolithic settlements of Sesklo and Dimini, the admirable Byzantine and Post-Byzantine churches are of high historic value.

All this in combination with the traditional habbits (the marriage ceremony, a dance which symbolizes the rebirth of nature, the local carnival, etc.), the contemporary artistic creativity (the International Centre for Skopelos Photography, artistic happenings of the great municipalities) makes a visit to this region an experience with great variety.

The name Magnesia the prefecture probably owes is derived from the former residents who were called Magnites. Magnis was the son of Aelos. Excavations from the Neolithic period are located in Sesklo and Dimini. It’s worth mentioning, during the Turkish occupation the inhabitants move to the mountain villages of Pelion.

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Milina Pelion - Greece - Photo 3 - Photo Agria Pilion - Magnesia - Thessaly - Greece  010 - Photo Portaria Pelion - Greece - Photo 7 - Photo Kala Nera Pelion - Greece  - Photo 1 - Photo Chorto Pilion - Magnesia - Thessaly - Greece  006 - Photo Kala Nera Pelion - Greece  - Photo 8 - Photo Lafkos Pilion - Magnesia - Thessaly - Greece  003 - Photo Tzasteni Pelion - Greece -Photo 7 - Photo Pinakates Pelion - Greece - Photo 3 - Photo Milies Pelion - Greece - Photo 19 - Photo Milies Pelion - Greece - Photo 14 - Photo Kala Nera Pelion - Greece  - Photo 9 - Photo Afissos Pelion - Greece -  Photo 9 - Photo Platania Pelion - Greece - Photo 9 - Photo Hania Pelion - Greece - Photo 10 - Photo

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