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North-Eastern Aegean Islands - Greek Islands (Greece)

The North-East Aegean Islands are the islands of Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Lemnos, Ikaria, Agios Efstratios, Psara, Antipsara, Fourni, Inousses, Thimena, Pasas, Agios Minas and Samiopoula. For convenience, we have added here also the islands of Samothrace and Thassos that actually belong to the Greek districts of Thrace and Macedonia.

The North-East Aegean Islands lie east of the Sporades and north of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, some of them very close to the Turkish coast.
The largest island of this Island group is Lesbos, the most populated island. In Lesbos live 86 000 inhabitants, followed by Chios with 51 000 inhabitants, Samos with 33,000 inhabitants and then Lemnos and Ikaria with 17,000 inhabitants. Here, on these islands you will find hot springs, castles, rich history, fantastic beaches, traditional villages and good food.

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Myrina Limnos (Lemnos) | Greece Photo 114 - Photo The steile west coast  - Island of Chios - Photo Molyvos Lesbos | Greece | Greece  61 - Photo Bossen in noord Lesbos - Photo Centre Pyrgi - Island of Chios - Photo Skandali Limnos (Lemnos) | Greece Photo 8 - Photo Een of the leukste restaurants of Molyvos - Photo Mistegna - Skala Mistegna | Lesbos | Greece  4 - Photo Near Waterfalls Pesas | Lesbos Greece | Greece  6 - Photo beach Mesakti Armenistis Ikaria | Greece | Photo 29 - Photo From Keramoti (Near Kavala) to Thassos | Greece | Photo 2 - Photo Potami - Samos Island Foto 1 - Photo Thassos town (Limenas) | Thassos | Photo 11 - Photo Skala Eressos square Photo 2 - Photo Repanidi Limnos (Lemnos) near Kotsinas | Greece Photo 13 - Photo

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The bigger islands:

Ikaria. Ikaria is called by the locals Nikaria. It is an elongated mountainous island in the western Aegean. The shore is just over a hundred kilometers. More Ikaria»

Samos: Samos is a lush island, which lies in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea between Chios and the Dodecanese islands. It is a wetland island filled with grape groves, olive trees and pines. More Samos»

Lesbos: Lesbos is a popular holiday island with great charm, beautiful nature, rich history, traditional buildings and quaint villages,. It is the third largest island of Greece. More Lesbos»

Lemnos: Lemnos is in contrast to most Greek islands, less mountainous. There are many plains and low hills, beautiful sandy beaches and wetlands. Capital of Lemnos is Myrina. More Lemnos»

Chios: Chios is a diverse island. The north is mainly rocky and mountainous, the south is flatter and more fertile. The south is the homeland of world-famous mastic trees which produce a precious resin. More Chios»

Text: Yorgos and Wendy Nikolidakis - Revised by Maxine van Hoften Gee

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Tsamadou strand bij Kokkari- Eiland Samos - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Mistegna - Skala Mistegna | Lesbos | De Griekse Gids 8 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Bloempotten bij visrestaurant Emborios - Eiland Chios - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Ireon Samos | Griekenland 57 - Foto van De Griekse Gids

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