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Euboea (Evia). Euboea also called Evia, in Greek, ΕΥΒΟΙΑ, it is pronounced in Modern Greek as "Evvia”. Although Euboea abroad is a relatively unknown island, it is after Crete the second largest island of Greece and the 6th largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an elongated island which is located near the east coast of Central Greece. The length of the island is about 180 kilometres. The width varies from eight kilometres at the narrowest point of the island in southern Euboea to about fifty kilometres at its widest point in central Euboea.

Near the capital Chalkida (Chalkis or Halkis) is the narrowest sea passage between the mainland and Euboea, which is connected by a moving bridge. Further south, there is a longer bridge, which is 694.5 meters long and was built in 1993.

Euboea is an island that has much to offer to the visitor. A beautiful capital (Chalklida or Chalkis or Halkida), beautiful traditional villages, beautiful beaches, scenic mountains and forests, scenic hiking and mountain trails and lots of culture.

Euboea is a mountainous island with many large and small bays, the largest bays are those of Evripos, Limni, Aedipsos, Aliveri, Kimi and Karystos. Around Euboea are also numerous small islands such as Petali, Mirto, Lichades, Pontikonisi and Prasoudes.

Euboea is a very popular holiday destination amongst Greeks. Because it is not far from Athens  it is even crowded in winter during the weekends and holidays. A lot of hotels are also 365 days a year open. The island is, broadly speaking, divided into three regions, whereby each part has its own characteristics. In the north are forested hills (also known as "Little Switzerland") and the thermal springs of Aedipsos. At central Euboea is the Dirfis mountain (1747 m), the capital Halkida, but also the charming resorts Eretria and Amarynthos. In the south there are a lot of mountains, gorges and beautiful beaches. The main resorts here are Marmari and Karystos.

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Eretria | Euboea Greece | Greece  - Photo 032 - Photo Easter in Aedipsos | Euboea Easter | Greece  Photo 75 - Photo Karystos Euboea | Greece | Photo 29 - Photo Photo Northern Euboea, near Aedipos and Orei - Photo Easter in Aedipsos | Euboea Easter | Greece  Photo 10 - Photo Hotel Marmari Bay | Marmari Euboea | Greece Photo 10 - Photo Karystos Euboea | Greece | Photo 24 - Photo Easter in Aedipsos | Euboea Easter | Greece  Photo 46 - Photo Karystos Euboea | Greece | Photo 23 - Photo Terraces Orei Noord Euboea | Euboea Greece | Greece  - Photo Marmari Euboea | Greece | Photo 1 - Photo Near Golden beach Euboea | Marmari Euboea | Greece Photo 80 - Photo Near Golden beach Euboea | Marmari Euboea | Greece Photo 124 - Photo Photo South Euboea | Greece | Greece  Photo 3 - Photo Petali Euboea Eilanden | Marmari Euboea | Photo 26 - Photo

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Sights and tips North Euboea (North Evia)

Northern Euboea is accessible from Athens via Chalkida by car. The quickest route, however, is via the Athens-Thessaloniki highway and then cross by ferry in Arkitsa to the popular Aedipsos. If you come from Thessaloniki then you can take the ferry from Glyfa in the prefecture of Fthiotida or further in the south from Agios Konstantinos.

The northern part of Euboea has the nickname "Little Switzerland". The beautiful forests and beautiful mountainous nature reserves where lots of hiking and mountain paths are, look like Switzerland. Here in the mountains there is a wild nature with plenty of running water, large and small waterfalls.

Beside mountains, there are many popular resorts. The best known in northern Euboea are Aedipsos, Agios Nikolaos, Orei, Kanatadika, Pefki, Psaropouli, Vassilika, Agia Anna, Krya Vrissi, Limni and Rovies.

Aedipsos is one of the oldest spas in Greece, which was already known in Roman times for its curative springs. Orei is a charming resort set amidst a beautiful green park. At Orei are several beautiful beaches and a historic castle. In the hinterland you will see beautiful hills and plains. Very popular is the picturesque Limni which lies on the slopes of a hill on the northwest coast. Pefki is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Greeks, it lies in the middle of green pine woods.

In the north of Euboea are also several religious sites. In the mountain village of Prokopi, which was founded by Greek refugees from Asia Minor, is the church of Agios Ioannis o Rossos (Saint John the Russian). In this church is the body of the saint Ioannis, which is why the village is flooded daily by hundreds of believers. Very famous is also the monastery of Osios David that also is visited by many tourists. Close by, the village is also where the Drymonas waterfalls are.

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Sights and tips Central Euboea (Central Evia)

In central Euboea, there is the capital of the island, Chalkis (Chalkida). Chalkida is located partially on the island and partially on the Greek mainland and is separated by the Evripos channel, the passage at this point is only fifty meters. In Chalkida are the only two bridges which connect Euboea with the mainland.

The nature in Central Euboea is very diverse, with low and high mountains and many plains. At central Euboea is the highest mountain in Euboea; Dirfis, which is 1743 meters high. On the slopes of Dirfis there are many picturesque villages. A very nice mountain village here is Seta. It is a traditional village with a beautiful open-air theatre, where in summer many activities are held such as plays, performances and concerts.

One of the most popular resorts in Central Euboea is Eretria. In Eretria there is a boulevard with many tavernas and cafeterias. It has a rich history, the evidence is the ancient theatre and Roman baths which can be visited here.

Interesting villages in central Euboea are the fishing villages of Nea Artaki, Amarynthos and Aliveri, Avlonari and Kymi. Kymi is also called "The Balcony of the Aegean", because the view from the hill where the village is situated on the Aegean Sea is fantastic.

In this region, there are many beautiful beaches, most of them are located in the east on the Aegean coast. Popular beaches on the east coast are the beaches at Chliadou, Sarakiniko, Mourteri and Metochi.

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Aghios Dimitrios Evia | Griekenland | foto 43 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Aghios Dimitrios Evia | Griekenland | foto 44 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Osios David Evia bij Rovies | Evia Griekenland - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Golden beach Evia | Marmari Evia | Griekenland foto 14 - Foto van De Griekse Gids

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Sights and tips South Euboea (South Evia)

The southern part of Euboea is situated right across the Attica department which includes the port of Rafina. It is a mountainous area with many gorges, valleys, all kinds of springs and running water. The highest mountain is Mount Ochi which is 1399 meters high and is very popular among hikers. On and around the mountain Ochi you will encounter the so-called "Dragon Houses". These Dragon houses are built of stone and are dating back to antiquity. The main house sits on top of Mountain Ochi. A very well-known gorge here is the Gorge of Dimosaris.

The main resorts on southern Euboea are Marmari and Karystos. Marmari is a very nice village where many good tavernas, fish restaurants, cafes and ouzeries are. Especially at night it is very pleasant because the main road on the harbour is closed for cars and turned into a large vibrant promenade. Marmari is, by foreign tourists, not yet discovered. It is mainly Greek tourists that you come here in the summer.

Within a radius of five kilometers from Marmari, there are some beautiful beaches. The most famous beach is the beach "Golden beach", two kilometres from Marmari.

Opposite of Marmari, there are the beautiful, green Petali islands, which have been owned by kings and wealthy ship-owners and which are accessible by tourist boats. TIP: A very nice hotel with very friendly owners is hotel Marmari bay!

Southeast of Marmari is the town Karystos located. On top of a hill near the town, the red castle is situated (Castello Rosso). Next to the marina and fishing port of Karystos there is the small fortress of Bourtzi. Near the port and the main town square are many nice cafés and a little further is the beautiful, wide sandy beach. Speaking of beaches; Two very beautiful beaches are on the Aegean Sea, on the east coast. These are the beaches of Agios Dimitrios, at the end of the gorge of Agios Dimitrios and the beach at Giannitsi.

Although this region is near Athens, there is no mass tourism. Nature is very beautiful, if you enjoy walking, then you've come to the right place. It is an area that is also popular among windsurfers, mountain climbers and divers. Southern Euboea is absolutely  a region where you can enjoy and relax.

Text: Yorgos and Wendy Nikolidakis - Revised by Maxine van Hoften Gee

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