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Athens. Athens is the capital of Greece. We have visited Athens several times in the past, usually for a short city break. We always had a great time, what an amazing city is Athens! And what an impressive culture and history!

Although we knew Athens very well, actually because some decades ago we lived there,  we must confess sincerely that "Athina" (as the Greeks call Athens) has made tremendous progress in the recent years.

First of all, the Athens Metro, we visited the last few years New York, London and Paris but the Athens metro is really the most beautiful, the one with more style!

What we like about Athens is that almost all of the sights and landmarks are on a relatively small distance from each other: the Acropolis with the Parthenon, the Theatre of Herodes Atticus, the traditional districts of Plaka and Monastiraki, the Parliament and the Syntagma Square, the Old Market and the Roman forum, the Dionyssus Theatre, all kinds of Museums, the former Olympic stadium where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896, the magnificent hills Filopappou and Lycabettus, the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

We’ve also really enjoyed the weather, even in the winter (21 degrees and plenty of sunshine in November and December). What about the delicious and affordable food that was served in the cozy authentic taverns of Plaka and Monastiraki or the tasty Pita Giros in Omonia Square.

If you want to visit Athens, just buy a ticket and book a hotel online.
There are often cheap flights with a stopover. In our view, Athens is a fantastic city, the perfect place for a fantastic city break.

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Plattergrond Athene Centrum

Sights and tips Athens

De Acropolis

Acropolis Parthenon AthensAcropolis in Greek means "the highest point of the city." The Acropolis is the mountain of 156m which is right in Athens.
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Parliament and Syntagma Square

Parliament - SyntagmaThe Syntagma Square, (the Constitution Square) is the former Greek Royal palace, which now serves as...
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Monastiraki AthensThe Athenian district of Monastiraki (literally small monastery) is located north of the Acropolis and northeast of ....
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The Dionysus Theatre

Dionysus Theater The Dionysus Theatre which was built from the 6th century BC located at the foot of the Acropolis on the south side ...
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Academy and University of Athens

Academy of Athens: on the left Platon en right Socratesand the National library. On the Panepistimiou str. There are three notable buildings around built the same time ...
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The Ancient Agora

The ancient market of Athens The Athenian Agora is located north-west of the Acropolis. In ancient Greece, the Agora ...
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The Temple of Olympian Zeus

The temple of Olympian Zeusand the gate of Adrian. These are located northwest of the Acropolis and the Plaka district nearby
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Het Roman Forum

The Roman ForumEast of the Ancient Agora, and at the end of the Aeolou street is the Roman agora (Roman market). This was in ...
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Areopagus, Philopapou, Pnyx

Philopapou hill, Arios Pagos en PnyxWest of the Acropolis are the Areopagus, the Filopappou hill and Pnyx. De Arios Pagos was...
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The Omonia Square

Omonia Square AthensOmonia square in Athens it is considered the most central point of Athens. If you want to start a trip in Athens
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Traditional Plaka

Plaka AthensPlaka the most traditional neighborhood of Athens, has in recent years turned into a tourist attraction. Everywhere..
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Het Herodes Atticus Theater

The theaterof Herodes AtticusThe Roman consul Herodes Atticus had it built from the rocks of the south slope of the Acropolis, in memory of ....
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The Athenian Market

The Athenian  MarketEvery day except Sunday there are markets in various districts of Athens and Piraeus. The biggest market is the Varvakios ...
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Zappeion Palace and Panathenaic Stadium

Zappeion Megaron Atheneand the national garden. East of the Acropolis are the National Garden (Ethnikos Kipos), the Panathenaic Stadium ...
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The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis museum of AthenssIn Athens are several museums that are very interresting to visit. A museum that will last a lot ...
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