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Lassithi Prefecture - Crete (Greece)

Prefecture Lassithi  is one of the four prefectures of the island of Crete. The capital of Lassithi is the town of Agios Nikolaos. Lassithi is the easternmost prefecture of Crete and is bordered to the west with the prefecture of Heraklion, in the north with the Cretan Sea and in the South with the Libyan sea. Lassithi occupies an area of 1800 sq. km that is mostly mountainous. In the west of Lassithi the Dikti Mountains are located, with their highest peak of (2148 meters). Between the mountain peaks, with an altitude of 800 meters, is the Lassithi plateau, famous for its windmills. Here is also the Dikti cave which was, according to legend the birthplace of Zeus. The port towns of Agios Nikolaos and Sitia on the north coast are very busy towns, especially in the summer. Agios Nikolaos and Elounda are the most developed tourist resorts of the prefecture. Near Elounda is the former Leper Island of Spinalonga which attracts many tourists every summer. It is accessible by boat from the cosy town of Elounda. The palm beach of Vai, the monastery of Toplou and the archaeological site of Kato Zakros are  situated on the eastern side of the island. On the south coast is Ierapetra, the southernmost city of Greece and of Europe and west of this, the very charming village of Mirtos. For a good overview of all the major sites and attractions of Lassithi, view the list on this page.

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Spinalonga Crete | Greece | Greece  - Photo 004 - Photo Sitia | Lassithi Crete | Greece  Photo 27 - Photo Milatos Crete | Greece | Greece  - Photo 010 - Photo Mirtos | Lassithi Crete | Photo 16 - Photo Near Xerokambos | Lassithi Crete | Photo 20 - Photo Mirtos Crete | Greece | Greece  Photo 6 - Photo Vai Crete | Lassithi Crete | Greece  Photo 16 - Photo Makrigialos | Lassithi Crete | Photo 8 - Photo Achlia | Lassithi Crete | Photo 14 - Photo Pachia Ammos Crete - Lassithi Prefecture - Photo 11 - Photo Zakros and Kato Zakros - Crete - Greece  48 - Photo Milatos Crete | Greece | Greece  - Photo 019 - Photo Plaka Crete - Lassithi Prefecture - Photo 24 - Photo Pachia Ammos Crete - Lassithi Prefecture - Photo 27 - Photo Lassithi Plateau Crete | Greece | Greece  Photo 36 - Photo

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Beautiful beaches of prefecture Lassithi

There are many beautiful beaches in prefecture Lassithi. The most popular beaches in Lassithi are: Elounda beach, Almiros beach, Ammoudara beach near Agios Nikolaos, Istron, Pahia Ammos, Sitia, Vai, Makrigialos, Agia Fotia, Koutsounari, Palekastro, Mirtos, Kato Zakros and many more.

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Sights prefecture Lassithi

  • The Minoan Palace of Zakros: This palace is located next to the beach Kato Zakros and was built in 1600 B.C. 
  • The Minoan city of Gournia, also knwn as the 'Pompey of Crete' 
  • Lato: The Doric town Lato is located 10 kilometres northeast of Agios Nikolaos and was built between 800 B.C. and 400 B.C. 
  • The cave of Dhikti on the Lassithi plateau. 
  • The Toplou Monastery that was built around the 15th century. 
  • Voulismeni in Agios Nikolaos: the little lake by the harbour a lot of good are located. 
  • The Lassithi plateau 
  • The traditional villages and fishing villages are all over the prefecture

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Agios Nikolaos lassithi Kreta  - De Griekse Gids - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Lassithi hoogvlakte Kreta - Departement Lassithi - Foto 15 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Makrigialos | Lassithi Kreta | Foto 3 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Mochlos | Lassithi Kreta | De Griekse Gids 25 - Foto van De Griekse Gids

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Distances in kilometers from Agios Nikolaos (Crete Lassithi)

Agios Nikolaos to Chania:
200 kilometers (124 miles - about 2 hours and 50 minutes by car)

Agios Nikolaos to Rethymnon:
51 kilometers (31 miles - about one hour by car)

Agios Nikolaos to Heraklion
65 kilometers (41 miles - about one hour by car)

Agios Nikolaos to Matala:
130 kilometers (80 miles - about 2 hoursb y car)

Agios Nikolaos to Malia:
30 kilometers (18 miles - about 30 minutes by car)

Agios Nikolaos to Knossos:
66 kilometers (41 miles - about one hour by car)

Agios Nikolaos to Hersonissos
40 kilometers (24 miles - 40 minutes by car)

Agios Nikolaos to Agia Galini:
139 kilometers (86 miles - two hours 20 minutes by car)

Agios Nikolaos to the Samaria Gorge:
242 kilometers (151 miles - 4 hours by car)

Text: Yorgos and Wendy Nikolidakis - Text edited by Maxine van Hoften Gee

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