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Corinthia (Korinthia). Corinthia is one of the 7 prefectures of Peloponnese. It is located in the northwest part of the Peloponnese, a small part of it is located in Central Greece (Greek mainland, Loutraki town).

Corinthia borders to the west with the prefecture of Achaia, in the south with the Prefectures of Argolida and Arcadia, to the east with the prefecture of Attica. Αlso, a part of it borders to the Saronic Gulf and a part of it to the Corinthian Gulf.

The prefecture is mainly mountainous, the highest mountains are the mountains of Ziria (highest peak 2341 meters). The plains of the prefecture are mainly around the city of Corinth, near the Corinth Canal and near Loutraki, the rest of the island is mainly mountainous. The only lake on the Corinthian prefecture of Peloponnese is Stymfalis (Stymfalia), but there is one more lake , the lake of Vouliagmeni on the part of Corinth in Central Greece.

Corinthia belongs to the most fertile prefectures but also economically developed prefectures of Greece. The economy is based on agriculture, industry, crafts, the processing of agricultural products but also on the tourism industry.

Major agricultural areas are the narrow coastal belt, the valleys of the prefecture, the plains near Feneos, Stymfalia and Nemea. Livestock production is developed mainly in mountainous and hilly areas.

Tourism is well developed because of the Spas of Loutraki and Orea Eleni (Beautiful Helen), the beautiful coast of the Gulf of Corinth and the ancient sites of Corinth and Acrocorinth. Fantastic beaches are the beaches of Xylokastro and Tolo. In Corinthia are well developed Ski resorts near Xylokastro on top of the mountain Ziria.

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Nemea Corinth | Peloponnese | Greece Photo 6 - Photo Marcel Fens Xylokastro | Corinthia Peloponnese | Greece  6 - Photo Stymfalia | Corinthia Peloponnese | Greece  9 - Photo Kiato - Sykiona | Corinth  Peloponnese | Photo 32 - Photo Marcel Fens Kiato - Sykiona | Corinth  Peloponnese | Photo 69 - Photo Marcel Fens Stymfalia | Corinthia Peloponnese | Greece  14 - Photo Mountain villages Ziria | Corinthia Peloponnese | Greece  17 - Photo Xylokastro | Corinthia Peloponnese | Greece  52 - Photo Xylokastro | Corinthia Peloponnese | Greece  29 - Photo Nemea Corinth | Peloponnese | Greece Photo 50 - Photo Marcel Fens Nemea Corinth | Peloponnese | Greece Photo 44 - Photo Marcel Fens Ancient-Corinth | Corinthia Peloponnese | Photo 12 - Photo Loutraki | Corinthia Peloponnese | Photo 5 - Photo Stymfalia | Corinthia Peloponnese | Greece  13 - Photo Nemea Corinth | Peloponnese | Greece Photo 30 - Photo Marcel Fens

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The Corinth Canal

Since ancient times it was aware of the economic importance of a rapid transit between the Corinthian and the Saronic Sea, but it did not achieve a real attempt to dig a canal under the rule of Roman emperor Nero. Read more»


Of the ancient Nemea is not much: three pillars of the temple of Zeus, some foundations, and 500 meters down the old stadium. Here the Hellenic Nemean games were held in honour of a local hero. Nemea is located in an area where the soil is dry, but very suitable for growing grapes. Read more»


The historic town - "Thermae" - today called Loutraki. It lies on the north side of the Corinthian Gulf and passes to the foot of the Gerania Mountains with a beautiful beach of four kilometers. Read more»

Ancient Corinth (Old Corinth)

The Apollo Temple and the Temple of Octavia its magnificent ruins of ancient Corinth.
The Akrokrinth, the 575m. high mountain together with an impressive fortress is worth a look. The first walls date from antiquity, and the Byzantines, Franks, Venetians and Turks, they again expanded and strengthened.

Text: Yorgos and Wendy Nikolidakis - Revised by Maxine van Hoften Gee

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Oud-Korinthe | Korinthia Peloponessos | Foto 10 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Xylokastro | Korinthia Peloponnesos Griekenland 14 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Kiato | Korinthia Peloponessos | Foto 2 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Bergdorpen Ziria | Korinthia Peloponnesos Griekenland 6 - Foto van De Griekse Gids

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